In order to satisfy all your needs regarding the transport of your friend, we have the following services at your disposal:

Flight research and booking

We look for the best flight option for your pet and will take care of booking reservation

Veterinary Procedures

Assistance with the procedures such as health certificate, treatments, vaccinations, dewormings

Travel Crates

We can provide travel crates fitted to your Pet according IATA regulations


We can pick up and delivery your Pet from/at home

Pick Up and Delivery

Podemos recolher ou entregar o seu animal de estimação em casa

Customs Clearence

Assistance on documentation and customs clearence formalities

Permit Applications

Assistance and guidance on permit applications

Temporary Stay

Assistance on reservation if necessary for temporary stay

About Us

Interpets is a department of Intercourier Lda, specialized in the transport of live animals and pets by air to anywhere in the world.

Both the Management, as all our employees, are truly "in love" for animals and our houses are proof of that!

We are pioneers in Portugal in the transport of animals by air and we already have over 10 years of experience in the transport of animals having transported more than 5,000 pets.

We assure you a pleasant journey and with all the necessary security for any of the 5 continents, our goal is that the journey of our customers 'Pets' is made with all the comfort and less stress as possible.

We are partner of various airlines and the 1st certified agent in Portugal by IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transportation Association) and we can ensure that we do everything for the comfort of your pet, for that we also have an exclusive vehicle prepared for the animals transport with controlled environment and air-conditioned.

As for us, we know how important it is for you the health and well-being of your "Pet", so if you are going to travel and want to take your 'Pet' with you, tell us and we will do everything to help you!



We know that your friend’s trip can cause a lot of questions, so we've put together the most frequently asked questions to simplify the travel process!

In order fr us to give you the proper price you should provide us the right measures and preferably in centimeters.

Plase measure your "Pet" as following instructions:

Length: From the tip of the nose to the top of the tail (excluding the tail);

Height: At the sitting position from the floor to the top of the head or ears (whichever is bigger);

Width: measurement at the widest point of the animal (shoulder to shoulder).

You should start planning the trip of your pet with the most possible ahead of time, because it will be necessary to confirm availability / viability of the airline and also check all the country's regulations, and all veterinary procedures required by destination country.

You should always go with your pet before any trip to the vet, so him/her advice all veterinary procedures necessary to take into account for the trip (passport, vaccination record, deworming, clinical examination, blood tests) in order for the trip of your pet run in the best way and be as safe as possible. If you also need we will be available to help you advising the necessary procedures for the country where your pet will travel.

On this day we recommend that you take your pet into a walk so that he can stretch and make his needs. It is important not to feed this day, if possible give him/her only water. We recommend this because it’s possible to avoid nausea or needs during the flight and ensure every possible comfort during the trip. You should give him/her a light meal on the day before. On this day you must hand to us the Original Passport to accompanied him/her during the trip and be checked at the destination airport.

Throughout our more than 10 years of experience we have already transported several pets not accompanied by the owner, of course you can travel on the same flight but isn’t required that your pet must be accompanied. We guarantee an complete safety during the flight even if you can’t travel with your Pet and we assure you that he/her will come to the right destination.

On this matter you don’t need to worry because your friend will be placed in a compartment of the cargo wool for the transport of animals, this compartment is pressurized and is controlled with an ambient temperature equal to passenger’s cabin (18º-20º degrees) this can ensure all the safety and comfort for your pet.

With our vast experience in the Pet's transport and with basis of veterinary and airlines advices we/they do not recommend at all the sedation in animals, because complications due to sedation can occur during the flight and if your pet is sedated the people that check the animals may not be able to check their health status before and after the trip.

If your pet is not used to being in a box we advise you to make a "habituation period", this period should be gradual so that the animal is accustomed go slowly. Try placing a blanket, toys, or other object that has the smell of the house / owners and it (a) in the box and go putting (a) there always with the door open so you can come and go freely and Win "confidence "with the box shape that the day of travel this already has an odor that is familiar and thus alleviate the stress that your pet can feel.

Depending on the destination airport your Pet's delivery time may vary from 1 to 4 hours, you should be at the place of delivery when he/she is available for pickup in order to avoid additional costs. You will always have to provide us all the information of the person who delivers and the person who receives the Pet, if you are not the same person, in order for us to issue all the necessary documentation for you pet’s flight.


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